She's not going to brag about this, but it needs to be pointed out. After two weeks of NFL games, Sarah Sullivan is on top of the world!

I repeat, she's not going to brag about it because I'm reasonably sure she has no clue that this has even happened, which makes it all much more frustrating.

One of the most common comments that I have received over the past year is how hilarious it is that Sarah consistently 'kicks my butt' at Football picks. Well, there are dozens and dozens of people, mostly women, who are going to love this recent turn of events.

This is truly a remarkable bit of pigskin prognostication though as only two other people have matched her throughout the entire PFP field.

It appears that once again my only chance of having the better record around New Years Day is to hope that she forgets to pick a couple weeks. I'm not proud of this fact but it's the only way I can move up 8 or 9 games.

Tonight around midnight the entire field is reset for Week 3.

DON'T FORGET to pick!

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