In 2020, we probably watched more TV than in any other year.  Every time my husband and I finished  a show, we'd have to find another one.  It became our routine.  The shows listed here gave us comfort in a time of change and uncertainty.

You might notice that there is NOT Tiger King on this list.  Yes, I saw it, but I hated it.  I didn't know what America's obsession was with him and that Carol woman.  They weren't people that I would like to hang out with.  This got a big, fat, thumbs down from me.

The other one that you won't see on this list is The Queen's Gambit.  I didn't HATE the series, but I didn't love it either.  The lead character wasn't someone that I would have hung out with.  Yes, she was brilliant, but she had limited interests, wouldn't you say?  I couldn't imagine sitting around drinking wine and talking about which character I liked best from my favorite series, Schitt's Creek.

Yes, number one, by a LONG SHOT was Schitt's Creek.  2020 didn't bring me many good things.  I miss my family, but the year did bring me another one.  The Rose Family.  Talk about wanting to hang out with them!  Moira, Joslyn and I would be a trio for the ages.   Alexis would be my own personal fashion expert, that is of course, if David wasn't around.  I love them all and I miss the series.  I am hopeful that Daniel Levy and his family will come out with another series, but really, if he doesn't, I understand the pressure.  I mean, did Michelangelo ever create anything as beautiful as the frescos on the Sistine Chapel?  He did not.  So.  I will settle for watching it over and over again.

Sarah's 5 Favorite Binge-Worthy TV Series of 2020


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