It's my birthday today and if you know me, you know that I love to celebrate birthdays, especially MINE.  I've always been like this.  Maybe it's because my birthday is in the Summer and I never had school.  People always seemed to be in a party mood too when my birthday came around.  I feel very lucky.  Not to mention, it's BASTILLE DAY!  I have traced my ancestors back to 16th Century France and it's a big deal over there!  If you want to read the history, check it out here.

Anyway, I feel very lucky to have such amazing co-workers today especially.  They have completely spoiled me and it's not even 2pm yet!  The day is young!  Thank you Train, Jess Tyler,  Kira Lew and Chio!  AND, thanks to Lickee's and Chewy's for coming in to surprise me!!   So spoiled!


In the years that I have accumulated, it occurred to me that I have learned a few life lessons that I wanted to share.  Some of these might be a little controversial, but hey, they are MY life lessons.  You probably have a different list, but if there is anything here that may help you along your path, I will feel good about that.

Sarah's Top 5 Life Lessons 2020

Some other lessons that didn't make the final 5:

  • Don't strive to be right, strive to do the right thing
  • Don't look for happiness for some days, it may elude you.  Instead, go for Peace
  • Never boast too much about an accomplishment.  As one of my mentors once said, "Look like you've done this before."
  • Never stay in your clothes after diving in to the pond with questionable water, you might get a rash in very sensitive areas.

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