With just one game remaining in Week 7, Sarah STILL has sole possession of the U Pick 'Em Leaderboard. As far as the team category? It's even more bleak for Yours Truly.


If this were any other year, I'd be completely stoked with my 67-38 record, currently tied for 7th place.

Instead, I'm just overwhelmed.

With absolutely no knowledge of quarterback efficiency or defensive strength, Sarah has managed to continue to beat hundreds of contestants at picking games.

As far as our Team competition, don't even get me started.

With yesterday's combination of Team Train's latest loss(Seattle) and Team Sarah's victory(Minnesota). Hugh and I are now facing a THREE game deficit.

Adding insult to injury, Sarah spent all of NFL Sunday binge watching a marathon of 'Hoarders'.

Perhaps that's the key to it all, DON'T OVERTHINK THINGS.

There's really nothing that we can do but just continue to pick and hope for the best.

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