This little cutie has stolen our hearts. She is the Scarborough Maine Police Department's newest recruit, according to its official Facebook page. The Belgian Malnois' first responsibility at the police department appears to be taking herself for a walk, as evidenced from the photo above. We think she is doing an excellent job.

The little lady does not seem to have a name yet. We are hoping the Scarborough Police will remedy this soon and give her a name that matches her playfulness and personality, but will still command respect. Perhaps the powers that be will allow the public to name her, as they are doing with their new community dog.

After all, the department's Facebook fans are going crazy over the new police K-9. The likes and comments keep pouring in. Our favorite so far is: She "makes me want to run from the cops, so I could be chased down and subdued by playful cuteness." Cuteness, indeed.

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