I can't ever remember having this scenario play out for Dover, Spaulding and Portsmouth in the post season. Here's and update on who's playing who, when AND who is allowed to witness it live!

Are you kidding me with this NH Division 1 basketball post season? Spaulding beat Dover last night and they're off to play Portsmouth on Thursday. Usually one team is more dominant than the other two. And some years, you're lucky enough to get two of these teams match up in a competitive post season game. But all three on the dance floor?

With COVID-19 safety protocols and restrictions, only having the attendance of two parents per player on the roster is going to make for an interesting crowd (or lack thereof).

Unlike other sports, the game of basketball depends greatly upon having a real home court advantage, that is, a gym packed with your fans going wild and, at times, influencing the decisions of the referees.

Much like the NBA bubble of last fall, it'll be interesting to see how this environment impacts the final score.

Back in 2018, Portsmouth beat Dover in the Division One tourney final and honestly, as a graduate of Spaulding, I was jealous of the other two rival programs taking center stage.

I'll be following along on Thursday, refreshing my Twitter feed and singing 'On To Victory' at an unreasonable volume!

Go Raiders!

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