I know that's not a staple, it's a push pin! And THAT is one of the key elements you need to turn your hard boiled eggs from funky to fantastic.

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With it being deviled egg season in NH, wouldn't you like to make the perfect hard boiled eggs EVERYTIME?

I hated hard boiled eggs for the first twenty or so years of my life and then, just sort of tolerated them. I couldn't get past the sulfuric funk and and the sickly green color surrounding the yolk still grosses me out.

Now, through the help of one of the true culinary masters, I tried a couple methods that have not only eliminated that stench but turned the green into a buttery gold. A true win win!

Step One: Poke Your Raw Egg With A Push Pin

Just before you place the egg into a low boiling pan of water, drill a small hole in the top with a push pin. Yes, a little egg white will leak out but it's nothing to worry about.

Step Two: Boil For Ten Minutes

No more, no less. Timing is everything.

Step Three: Drain eggs and crack the shells but don't remove the shells

I just shake them around in the pan after draining.

Step Four: Soak in icy water for five minutes

I have no ice in my freezer, no trays, nothing. But even before I put the pot of water on the stove I put a small casserole dish with a couple inches of cold water in the freezer. I threw the eggs in there and waited for the allowed time.

Step Five: Peel and devour

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No green to be found and DELICIOUS.

With it being deviled egg season in NH, wouldn't you like to make the perfect hard boiled egg EVERYTIME?

According to culinary genius, Jacques Pepin, who is also one of my heroes, the trick is managing the heat. It's the intense heat that causes the sulfuric takeover. Limit the heat with these steps and you're golden.

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