Evan Hennessey, chef and owner of Stages at One Washington in Dover is going to share his experience of being on the Food Network show, "Chopped" virtually through the Dover Public Library on February 1, 2021 at 6:30pm.  You can be part of the virtual experience.

Quoted from Evan's Facebook page:

....... I’ll take on a 20 minute mystery basket with ingredients chosen by you, the viewers!  Aaaaand, if you’re feeling extra saucy, try a Chopped Challenge yourself!! There are Teen, Family, and Adult levels, and I’ll be judging the Adults!! Payback!!  Join me, and friends of the Dover Public Library for a fun filled evening you won’t want to miss!
Wait.  What?  I could be in a Chopped challenge right here in Dover?  C'mon!  I might just try!  Sounds like fun to me!
Also, you can vote on what ingredients Chef Evan will be using.  Click this link to cast your vote.   I chose Spam is the protein, quinoa for the Grain, dragonfruit and coffee beans.  Good luck with that, Evan!

I found an old article from about three years ago when Evan was on Season 37, Episode 2 of Chopped from Forbes Magazine that says:

If Evan Hennessy was cooking in Manhattan, it would be very hard to get a place (to sit.)

It's a crime that I haven't been to Stages yet.  I am in Dover every day, so I should make time to head on over there.  It's not open all the time and with COVID, I'm sure that it's only gotten worse for them and for us.  Check out their menu.  Pretty impressive stuff!

I found this video on YouTube.  You too can cook like Evan!  (probably not, but you can try....)


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