Can you name the seven deadly sins? They are pride, greed, lust, envy (jealousy), gluttony, wrath (anger and hatred) and laziness. Everyone has at least one vice, even though I've met several people who deny it. Most Americans love to eat, drink, smoke, gamble, etc. Pick the poison, and you'll find an abundance of it in our nation.

America's vices can result in staggering economic costs, according to WalletHub. For example, the report tells us that gambling costs the United States approximately $5 billion per year. Smoking takes a major toll on the U.S., resulting in damages exceeding $300 billion per year.

WalletHub's research team took a look at all 50 states to compare them across 43 key indicators of immorality. They looked at factors such as highest rates of gambling addiction, most excessive drinking, most thefts, and most violent crimes per capita.

Here's how Maine and New Hampshire ranked, with 1 being the most sinful state and 50 being the least sinful state:

46th – Anger and Hatred
48th – Jealousy
29th – Greed
43rd – Lust
41st – Vanity
38th – Laziness

New Hampshire:
48th – Anger and Hatred
41st – Jealousy
7th – Greed
49th – Lust
29th – Vanity
43rd – Laziness

Check out the 7 deadly sins of the rest of the U.S.:

Source: WalletHub

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