EIGHT STRAIGHT AFC CHAMPIONSHIP APPEARANCES. Could there be something more to this stretch of Patriots dominance than just talented players and a brilliant coaching staff? Something supernatural?

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Since I began at The Shark seventeen years ago, I have ALWAYS scrawled their post-season match ups on the grease board and in that time, TB12 has racked up 25 of his 28 postseason victories, not to mention 4 out of 5 Super Bowl trophies.

One thing has remained constant throughout the past two decades of dominance, my depictions of their opponents logos, are always freehand, and they are always terrible.

There was a Jaguar last year that didn't even look remotely like any animal in the entire kingdom.


But, despite the crudeness, The Pats keep on winning. Despite the fact that their Quarterback is 41 years old, and Gronk and Edelman are 'washed up'...


As long as they keep mauling, I'll keep scrawling!