When A-Train looked at this headline he screamed, YES!  YES!  YES!!  Jeeezus H KEE-RISTE YES!

Sunday was a BLAST!  My family and I got together at our home base in Hollis and as you can see from the picture, we had a TON of food.  My sister-in-law Becky Sullivan goes all out for the big game party with her incredibly delicious, hard to replicate (I've tried) meatballs, a hash brown casserole that's to die for, creamy mac & cheese, pork pies and veggie lasagna.  WHOA!

My brother, Rick Sullivan, made his famous chili that is wicked good!  He throws a bunch of stuff in to make it super rich and tasty.

My brother, John Sullivan and my sister-in-law, Marie Sullivan, made the super sub sandwich, including the best mortadella lunch meat and fresh bread you can find.

My sister, Holly Sullivan, brought some wicked yummy cake balls from a kick-butt bakery, so we probably couldn't have those in the Sullivan Restaurant of A-Train's Dreams.  (Holly is in high demand and is not pictured here, sadly, she had to leave for another party!)

My sister, Heidi Sullivan-Wilson had the guy at the store she went to make the best chicken wings you ever wanted to try.  Admittedly, if we open a restaurant, that one will have to be nixed too.

I brought nothing.  Not a thing.  I showed up, ate and left.  OH WAIT, I also posed for this picture.


I can't wait for next year's party!!!  Better start the diet now.


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