Andy Grammer is a super sweet guy.  About 3 years ago, I was working at a radio station in Portland, Maine and I had the chance to meet him, so what happened yesterday in Hampton Beach doesn't surprise me a bit.

According to his Twitter page, Andy had a show at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom last night and he must have gotten here early because when he was at breakfast, he picked up the check for a few ladies that reminded him of his Mom who has passed away.  Turns out, one of the women lost her son too!  They gave each other a big hug - a Mother to a son who lost his Mom and a Son to a Mother who lost her boy.  What a sweet, sweet moment!!

When I met Andy a few years back, he was such a nice guy.  There were a lot of people there who wanted to talk to him, but he made every one of them feel special and not rushed at all.


He is a big pop star, but it's so nice to know that he's also just a kid who misses his Mom.



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