I was curious as to how my favorite omnivore 'The Skunk' got it's name and I couldn't believe that it most likely happened just down the road.


According to Wikipedia, about 400 years ago the Native American New England Algonquin language used a term for this beautiful yet odiferous creature that phonetically sounds like 'squunck'.

Hilariously enough, it's the adjoining of two words that mean 'to urinate' and 'fox'.

'Skunk' is pretty much an ancient word for 'Pee Fox'.

It is now during the peak of gardening season that local growers can truly appreciate how much crop damage that these oft-maligned critters prevent. Grubs, cutworms and potato beetles are all chowed down by the striped skunk.

And, conveniently done in the dark of night and early morning hours.

From the Northwest Territories of Canada to the Northern Sierra Madres of Mexico and from sea to shining sea, the skunk silently protects crops while being mocked in popular culture as the synonym for stench.

I for one am proud that it got it's name here in New England.


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