I've heard some people say that SKY DIVING is on their bucket list.  We took a poll of what Shark Nation has on their list and here's some of the results from our Facebook page:

  • Not jumping out of a working aircraft. Visiting Norway, Iceland and Australia. Then owning an RV and hitting every breakfast joint that's been on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.
  • Seeing Alaska Australia and the Pyramids
  • I don't call it a bucket list. It's my "to do" list. Travel to Macchu Pichu.
  • Train trip across Europe
  • Meeting Robert Plant
  • 8 hrs of sleep a night

I have a cousin who says that he doesn't believe in bucket lists in the traditional sense.  He makes a list of things that he's already done, then at the end of his life, he can look at the list and see all the cool stuff that he's done rather than the ones that maybe he didn't get to.

Whatever is on your list, get to it.  Life's too short and although the saying is, "It's never too late," sometimes, it is.  For instance, I'll never be a super fast figure skater, but I can try to be a decent one.

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