SNL had always intended to take off the coming weekend in preparation for its final May shows, but given the tragic passing of music icon Prince, NBC will pay tribute to the late star with a special highlight of the artist’s musical performances.

Per NBC’s official word, in place of rerunning the Chris Hemsworth/Chance the Rapper episode. SNL will take the 11:30 P.M. slot this week to run a special dubbed SNL Goodnight Sweet Prince. The tribute episode will look back on the pop culture icon’s most memorable performances over the years.

For his part, Prince had three times served as SNL musical guest, including once in 1981, again in 2006, and most recently a 2014 outing with host Chris Rock.

Plenty of other networks and outlets will be airing Prince tributes in the coming weeks (FOX will also rerun the New Girl episode with the singer’s post-Super Bowl appearance on Tuesday), while music networks MTV, VH1 and BET have all dedicated blocks as well.

Saturday Night Live will return on May 7 with Brie Larson and Alicia Keys.

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