I was admittedly skeptical when I first heard about a reboot of one of my favorite shows, Frasier. But when I learned it will be set in Boston, I said: “I’m listening.”

To me, this is the Super Bowl, the Gilmore Girls reboot, and a Real Housewives reunion all wrapped into one. The biggest TV event in years. Not only is my favorite comfort food show returning, but it’s all happening in Boston.

Of course, this is all where it began for Frasier Crane, when he first turned up in Season 3 of a show called Cheers. And after eight years (during which actor Kelsey Grammer went from a guest star to a full-time cast member), the breakout character was given a spinoff.

Not wanting NBC executives to push too hard on having old friends from Cheers come to visit, producers moved Dr. Crane all the way back to his hometown of Seattle (Denver was at one point in the mix).

Of course, that didn’t stop nearly everyone from showing up for an episode or two – most notably, Woody (whose awkward and unexplained presence only feeds this chilling conspiracy theory about his character).

When it was announced Frasier will have move on to another city, it was only natural to assume this meant another city. So, it was a pleasant surprise to learn Boston will again be represented in the sitcom world.

But a lot has changed since Frasier left town 30 years ago. So, with a TV writers strike looming, here are a few last-minute pitches...

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