Some of your favorite stores at your nearby mall could soon have a going out of business sign hanging up at their front door.

In one day, three major retailers announced hundreds of stores will be closing.

Earlier this week, a report in Business Insider says three major retailers announced hundreds of store closings will be taking place this year.

JCPenney announced it was closing over two dozen stores.

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Victoria's Secret has been seeing sales decline and announced the closure of 53 stores this year.

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Gap says it's going to shutter nearly 230 stores over the next 24 months and also spin-off its Old Navy brand.

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All the above companies, JCPenney, Gap and Victoria's Secret made the store closing announcements on the same day.

The locations of the aforementioned stores that are set to close have not yet been publicly announced. Let's hope that New Hampshire and stores throughout New England are spared.