I had always thought they were the most odious pests both literally and figuratively but, wouldn't you know it, some of them are beneficial to local gardeners.

Last fall, NH was inundated by these smelly buzzing pests and I'm sure that they'll be swarming again real soon.

If you pay close attention to WMUR-TV's 'Grow It Green' segment, Rachel Maccini from the UNH Coop Extension will tell you everything you need to know about the characteristics of these bugs and when you should leave them alone.

Soldier bugs look very similar to the brown marmorated stink bug however, they eat other harmful pests and do not damage plants. Leave them alone!

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Thankfully, the bug I had in my apartment last year WAS a brown marmorated stink bug as you can see the white bands on it's antennae.

I find the best way to dispose of these creatures is to crush them quickly and humanely as possible in a ball of paper towel or toilet tissue so you don't suffer any of their funky defense mechanism.

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