All hail Sherpa! Our Pet Supplies Plus Pet Of The Month for January 2021! This regal feline is from The Hilltop City and apparently is quite talented at climbing onto places of leisure to rest in sublimely comfortable positions.

Deb Chasse Photo Credit
Deb Chasse Photo Credit

From I bit of research I have ascertained that all tabby cats are orange, yet all orange cats aren't necessarily tabby cats. Be that as it may, Sherpa transcends all labels in my humble opinion.

I hope that our esteemed panel of judges has not started a small war inside the house of Sherpa, as there are also two cat siblings named Bulldog and Maybelline.

I can only imagine the jealousy and drama that may arise from Sherpa being selected, but, as we say with any major award or contest, THE JUDGE'S DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

Sherpa Chilling

Seriously though, how can you not vote for this cat?

They always say that 'The 3rd times the charm' and I think that Sherpa fits the bill as far as famous orange cats are concerned. Morris The Cat made he debut on national TV commercials back in 1968, ten years after that, Garfield was first nationally syndicated.

Following simple logic, the long 42 year wait for the next great orange cat is finally over! And Sherpa is thy name!

On a personal note, this lounging pose very much reminds me of the one cat we had when I was a kid, his name was 'Piggie' and he sat like this as well.

Thanks to Pet Supplies Plus in Somersworth (Sherpa's hometown!) a $50 Gift Card will be awarded to this wonderful cat.

If you'd like to nominate your pet, please do so right here!

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