I was crushed by the recent news that the Dairy Queen at The Tri-City Plaza on High Street in Somersworth was mysteriously shuttered with no warning. Alas, my recent investigation has given me hope.

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Sure enough, it was indeed closed indefinitely HOWEVER, upon viewing the notice in the Drive Thru windows (furthest away from High Street) a message of hope was written, albeit a very non-specific one.

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On the High Street side, a gigantic 'Hiring New Staff' poster adorned the wall. Could it be that a serious and unexpected shortage of workers has caused my favorite soft serve ice cream chain to TEMPORARILY close?

One can only dream.

When I was a kid, the DQ Rochester North Main Street location shut down in 1979 and was replaced by the Burger King that stands there to this day. I love Whoppers but the pain of that loss still remains.

That island in the Tri City Plaza though has proven to be a tough location for whatever reason, the previous restaurant didn't last very long there and before that it was a Dunkin'.

And what an unfortunate time for this to happen, minutes before the heat of Summer.

With any luck, upside down Blizzards will be served there before the real blizzards begin again.