There's a contactless way to get your groceries now and it's right on Route 108 in Somersworth. Hear about Favorite Foods new service and how you can take advantage right here!

To serve the public we have an online portal.


We're trying to focus on items the typical household would use and quantities that the typical household would use.


We've morphed a little bit and break some cases down so that they're smaller units.


We have been focusing on items that have been difficult to get at the grocery store. The list is constantly changing.


You order online, pay online and it's zero contact. You pull up, give us a name and order number, we throw it in the back of your car and off you go.


- Chris from Favorite Foods

This is such a great idea. I feel more and more anxious and guilty with every trip to the grocery store. What a terrific way to diversify your provisional purchases!

Remember it's 10am to 2pm! Look for the big American flag on Route 108 in Somersworth when you go to pick up!

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