This is an official inside view of what it looks like at a Drive-Through Graduation. Congrats to Spaulding Class of 2020 Grad Alexa Connelly for not only 12 years of exemplary work, but also for cranking The Shark during the ceremony!

Connelly Family Photo Credit

According to school officials, this ceremony will take 11 hours* and is scheduled to finish by 7pm tonight.

Alexa, by the way, is my cousin Jeremy's daughter. Thankfully, she got her singing ability from her mother Dawn. Alexa is incredibly talented and will be going to UNH in the fall. Her field will be Bachelor of Vocal Performance.

She was amazing in all four years of the school plays and had the lead roles in both Mamma Mia last year and The Music Man this year.

Sadly, they only were able to get one performance in this year due to the pandemic and I wasn't able to see her performance. I'm so glad she'll be just an 18 minute drive from Gonic so I can see her sing for the Blue and White as a Wildcat.

Alexa Photo Credit

I have no idea when or where they got that sweet convertible Mustang, talk about arriving in style! When Jeremy graduated in 1991, he had a dull gray 1983 Dodge Aries that I could barely fit into, having no roof on that thing would have been an improvement!

Congrats again to Alexa and the entire Connelly Family Jeremy, Dawn and Zander.

Connelly Family Photo Credit

It sounds cliche but WOW it seems like last week when she was born on July 6th 2002. So proud of you Alexa McGee!

*Jeremy said the drive through ceremony for the 9AM window took about 30 minutes and was very nice.

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