Spirit Medium Maureen Hancock is heading to The Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord tomorrow night. Yesterday, she guessed what number I was thinking about (from 1-100) and I can prove she was right.

The chilling audio above is REAL! Actual audio footage of Maureen instantly choosing the correct number of '33'.

I didn't want to say get into any personal details about why that number is spiritually significant to me (AND I STILL WONT) but the reason I wrote the number as I did (pictured below) is that I have the same experience of repeatedly noticing 3:33 on the clock (just as Jonathan has with 11:11).

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Anyone who knows me well enough to gamble with will attest that 33 is the FIRST roulette bet I make on every single roll of the ball. If I only have a dollar left, 'THIRTY THREE IS THE ONE FOR ME'.

You can be amazed by Maureen in person at Friday's show in Concord by clicking the button below.

And here is some footage of a show in which she elaborates on the many little signs that are around you everyday that you may not be picking up upon.