No, this isn't a tropical parrot. But if I could have gotten just a few feet closer you'd be able to clearly see that this isn't a cardinal either.

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Scarlet Tanager

This is the latest that I've ever seen a scarlet tanager in this area. Except for one year. And I'm hoping that this is an indication that what happened that year, will happen now.

About ten years ago in the pine trees that are on the lawn around Exit 9 off Route 16 in Dover? A family of scarlet tanagers lived in and around that group of trees. They're a very active bird that usually tends to stay out of sight, deeper in the woods.

I have no idea why this small family was so visible that year but it was really cool to see.

I'm hoping that this tanager has the same plan and will hang around a couple months before heading back to South America for the winter.

I've only seen the drab olive colored female ONCE and it was that strange year that they were literally living on Exit 9 in Dover.

And the pale yellow color that the males turn into after the breeding season ends? I've never seen that either.

If I can find one randomly in the trees of Gonic, you can find one too!

So if you hear their 'Chip Burr' call or whistling that sounds like a Cardinal, but, not as obnoxious sounding? Chances are you you'll see one, possibly in your own backyard!

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