With summer in the rearview, most people throughout Maine are focused on all things fall. From apple picking to football to haunted everything, Mainers embrace the autumn season like few other states.

But October isn't just a month for pumpkin spice and hot cups of chili, it's also the start of one of Maine's most unique and seasonal laws. A chance to get a headstart on what comes after the delightful fall season.

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According to Maine.gov, studded snow tire "season" begins on October 1 and runs through May 1. During that time, most vehicles in Maine are allowed to fit their vehicle with studded tires as a safety measure for the impending winter season.

The limitations are put into place to ensure both a driver's safety as well as keep the roads in Maine's communities from taking unneeded damage when studded snow tires aren't applicable.

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From May 1 through October 1, if you attempt to get your car inspected during this time with studded tires, it will fail. Not only that, if you happened to be spotted or pulled over by police during that time, you could receive a fine for continuing to use studded tires on your car when it's not permitted.

There are a handful of exceptions that could change whether you're allowed to have studded tires on your vehicle beyond May 1. The Maine DOT reserves the right to extend studded tire season in the event that Maine has a lengthy winter, and road conditions beyond May 1 warrant an extension.

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