The Wyland Foundation has chosen this stunning Portsmouth, NH, whale mural as the subject of their 'Wyland Whaling Wall Wednesday'.

One of our most treasured places is the star of the day!

It's fascinating to learn about the wonderful things around you that you tend to take for granted.

For instance, I had no idea that the official name of this jaw-dropping art was 'Isles Of Shoals Humpbacks', which is a perfect title.

As time goes by, the memories of its creation fade like so much blue paint. I'd have never guessed that it was painted throughout the spring of 1993; to me, it feels like this pod of humpbacks has always been there.

I'm embarrassed to mention that up until I read the Facebook post, I just referred to it as 'The Whale Wall' or 'The Whale Painting Parking Lot'.

The artist Robert Wyland, most commonly known by just his last name, is still very much active in the promotion and conservation of marine wildlife as well as his art.

In fact, he is doing a meet and greet at his gallery in Las Vegas on Sunday!

And sadly, according to Atlas Osbcura, the weather damage and graffiti over the past 27 years have taken their toll as the Facebook commenter on this post brings up a harsh truth. Several efforts to organize a restoration have thus far failed.

Hopefully, it will one day be restored to the vibrant blue that has thrilled and welcomed so many to the Port City.

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