Despite playing in only 3 NBA games this season, basketball fans can't get enough of 'Tacko Mania.'

The massive love for Tacko Fall is real. A regular on the Maine Red Claws, Fall is now 6th in the NBA fan vote for the 2020 All Start game next month. Fall, who has a contract with the Boston Celtics has only played 11 NBA minutes this season, but they been spectacular. Fans routinely chant "Tacko" instead of the well-worn "defense." In his limited time, Fall has averaged a little over four points per game.

On Thursday, the NBA dropped the first round tally for their All-Star Game. Fall ranked sixth in votes among Eastern Conference front court players. More votes than teammate Gordon Hayward.

The NBA All Star vote isn't a straight to court fan drive, although it does account for 50%. The players get a 25% vote, with the media making up the final 25%. The next round will be released in a few weeks, while voting ends on January 20th.

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