Some might say we’re living in an age when no news is good news. And to that, one longtime Boston news anchor says: you’re actually not far off.

“I usually watch just the (news) clips,” says Randy Price, who anchored the 11 p.m. news for Boston’s Channel 7 and the morning news for Channel 5. Now retired and living in South Carolina, Price says that one thing he doesn’t miss is the dreaded continuing coverage that has swallowed up our news cycle.

But Price acknowledges there are times when it’s really important.

“One of the most remarkable mornings of my entire career was the day that we were covering – live – the manhunt for the two guys who had committed the (2013) Marathon bombing. It was just an extraordinary morning where things are happening everywhere. And there were a lot of things where you felt like the viewers needed you for active, live information."

“You felt fulfilled by doing that stuff. You felt like you were doing something important for people’s lives who were all staying home instead of going to work.”

In a time when some feel as though they’re told what to be afraid of by certain media outlets, Price has some simple advice when it comes to news consumption: cut back.

“Don’t watch a whole lot of news. Watch a general news program – you can get enough in half an hour. Read a paper…enjoy your life!”

And let’s start with a few fun, classic bloopers from Mr. Price’s first stop here in New England: WBZ-TV Channel 4. But if it's "the feels" you seek, I strongly suggest you check out this recent clip of a Maine meteorologist who receives an unexpected visit during a live broadcast.

(CLICK HERE to listen to Randy Price's full interview)

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