I had been putting off turning in my old medication for YEARS. I finally got the nerve last weekend and it was easy and fun.

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I call this a Cipro selfie.

Back in 2012, I had a bout with diverticulitis and they prescribed some very strong antibiotics that worked so effectively, I had about half of the tablets remaining.

These prescriptions have sat atop my fridge for over 5 years and collected dust. I kept forgetting to turn them in, and honestly, was a little hesitant about Take Back Day.

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This is who collected them!

Thanks to 'Bridging The Gaps' for welcoming my amoxicillin with open arms and hilarious costumes.

(The green skunk's pose reminds me of Paul McCartney on The Sgt. Pepper album)

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AND I got this cool prize pack!

Tootsie rolls, peppermints, some literature AND a good quality pen too!

The whole process took about 30 seconds and that was only because I took some pictures.

It was very easy and quick and virtually NO PAPERWORK and NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Thanks again to 'Bridging The Gaps' for making this a fun experience!