When You Move Something it Disturbs the Eco-System

When you are going out and about this Summer, don't disturb the environment to the best of your ability  I don't want to sound preachy to you or anything, but I really do love Mother Nature and when you move something or take something away, you are messing with the eco-system.  I go by the rule:  Leave No Trace.

You May Be Causing Harm Unintentionally

This isn't the first article that I've seen written about this, but recently, I found an article at science.howstuffworks.com that talks about how creating rock formations, a/k/a cairns, from rocks that people find when they are exploring different trails and such.  What you may think is harmless, could be very harmful and you may not even know it.

Many Creatures Make Their Homes Under Rocks

Have you ever picked up a rock and saw a bunch of insects run for their lives?  The insects have created shelter from their predator and when you move their home, they are exposed.  You could be knocking out an entire colony or even worse, knocking out an entire endangered species.

If You See Them, Leave Them Alone

Sometimes, cairns are created intentionally.  If you do come across a rock formation, however, nps.gov has these tips for you to remember:

Do not tamper with cairns – If an intentional cairn is tampered with or an unauthorized one is built, then future visitors may become disoriented or even lost.

Do not build unauthorized cairns – Moving rocks disturbs the soil and makes the area more prone to erosion. Disturbing rocks also disturbs fragile vegetation and micro ecosystems.

Do not add to existing cairns – Authorized cairns are carefully designed. Adding to the pile can actually cause them to collapse. Now that you know a little bit about cairns, check out these examples that you may come across on your next hike.

No One Likes Someone Who Leaves Garbage Behind

Nothing infuriates me more than to be in a beautiful place and to see trash lying around.  While you are out not disturbing rocks and such, pick up after yourselves.  It's not hard and I won't end up hating you for leaving your empty cans and bottles all around.

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