WOW!  Tom Brady continues to surprise and scare us.

Yesterday, at the parade in Tampa Bay it was a celebration for everyone!  Just watching it you could feel the excitement and happiness in the air.

There was a moment of terror, however, when TB12 decided to throw the ball to Gronk.  The two of them were on different boats and Tom took the Lombardi trophy in his golden hands and THREW it to Gronk!  Even his daughter Vivian was yelling, "Daddy, NOOOOOOO!"  There was no stopping him though.  Once Tom sees his target, that's that.  He threw it across the water, boat to boat, to his favorite receiver, Gronkowski.  (Sorry, Edelman... but for this year, I think it's true.  Gronk is his favorite.)  Gronk caught it and the whole place erupted again!

BTW, for my friends in Tampa Bay, it's GRONK.  It's not THE Gronk, it's just GRONK.  Thank you.

I never in my life thought I would be a Tampa Bay Bucs fan, but I am so completely on the Pirate Ship right now!  If TB12 decides to go to the Jets one of these days, it won't be so easy to do.

Also, will Edelman ever join the Bucs?  I mean.... what a team that would be!  He will be coming back to the Patriots this year, but hey... Tommy's got at least a couple of years left in him.  I wouldn't be surprised with anything that happens with this team.  Are they going to do it again next year?  Let's hope Coach Belichick and The Patriots make it, but if not, LET'S GOOOOOO, TOMMY!!!

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