According to a story from The Patch, a teenager was shot at early Saturday morning by the homeowner who thought it was a burglar.  According to the story, the teenager meant to go to a party, but had the wrong address.  The wrong address was circulated on social media.

I have so many questions:

1.  Why would you walk in to a house that is presumably completely quiet if you thought you were at the right address for a party?

2.  How well do you know your friends that you couldn't call them to verify the address?

3.  It was 3am.  Whoever came in to the house was going to start to party at 3am?

4.  What do you bring to a party that starts at 3am?  A pillow?

So, so many questions.

If you're looking for a party at 3am, you owe it to yourself to check the address and get it right.  This time, thankfully, no one got hurt, but someone could have gotten seriously hurt or worse.  Better yet, stay at home and get some sleep.

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