Farmington experienced a 1.9 magnitude earthquake yesterday according to a story from WMUR.  

According to the report, people in the area said they heard a loud boom, and shaking could be felt in Farmington as well as in Milton, New Durham, Rochester, Wakefield and Lebanon, Maine.  No property damage was reported, thank goodness.

When I went out to California a few years ago for a family wedding, I experienced an earthquake that felt HUGE to me!  We were on the 10th floor of a hotel with all of the kids.  It was around bedtime when the lamps in the room started to shake, then everything else in the room started to shake as well.  My step-daughter said, "Earthquake!  Cool!"  I did NOT think it was cool!  I was terrified!  I've seen all the movies of buildings crumbling to nothing after a big earthquake and I didn't want to go that way.  Luckily, it stopped after a few seconds, but man, that felt like an eternity.  I had all these scenarios in my head about how we would get out and how I would have to throw myself on top of the kids and hope I was able to create a pocket of air for them to breathe.  It affected me so much that when we visit L.A., I request a lower floor, just in case.

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