My fiancee, Rochelle, calls into my show alot, and yesterday when I checked in with her, she answered the phone mid rant. Her calling was working, but her network had dropped, meaning she couldn't connect to data and hence no GPS maps.

So her 4-mile drive from our place in Dover to spin class in Portsmouth somehow took her 12 miles north and lost.

I suspect I wasn't the only one who caught her freak out she was having alone in the car.

This little episode inspired our "he said, she said" feature that happens each day at 4:45 p.m.; we asked "When did you believe you were alone but you ended up embarrassing yourself cause it turned out you were not?"

Answers ranged from a wife witnessing her husband applying deodorant to his "leg pits," a house guest belting out Mr. Mister karaoke, a mom cutting the cheese so to speak in an apropos aisle of the supermarket, and a grandparent admiring their bikini body caught by a great-grand kid.

Careful, never know who's around is the morale to our tale!

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