On the first warm day of the year, my heart wants one thing and one thing only. ICE CREAM! Can I get a "Hell Yeah" from the congregation? My all time favorite ice cream order is chocolate chip cookie dough in a cup with rainbow sprinkles. (gummy bears too if I'm feelin' frisky) However, I have been known to dabble with cake batter ice cream IF AND ONLY IF, it is vanilla cake batter. I have seen places mess around with chocolate cake batter and that does not please me. Recently, I was on a mission to find the best ice cream stands in New Hampshire. And who better to ask than Granite Staters themselves?!

As you can imagine, narrowing down the best ice cream in the 603 is a damn near impossible task. I started a poll on the WOKQ Facebook page and people have very passionate opinions on the matter, to say the least. Someone said in the comments how lucky we are as ice cream enthusiasts to live in New Hampshire because there are so many fantastic ice cream stands to choose from! The post got lots of comments (182 to be precise) so if the ice creamery you suggested didn't make this list, I'm sure it is still amazing. I may need to do a part two to include all of the amazing submissions.

So here are your top picks in no particular order:

According to Granite Staters, These are the Best Ice Cream Stands in NH



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