I just realized 'The Garrison City' is a great place to get uniquely delicious tuna subs that are better than any I've ever had. Here are 4 of the very best.

The 4 Best Tuna Subs In Dover

The last time I was in Strafford House of Pizza, I really tried to get 'Big Nick' to give me ANY information on a secret ingredient or methodology of their tuna salad production, alas, his quote left me without any culinary enlightenment.

'There's no secrets here, just love, it's all about the love'

- Big Nick

I will try to spill the tea (as the kids say) on what I do believe is THE secret ingredient to Moe's tuna. I think it has to be a dash a cinnamon. Mike or Bruce would never tell me the formula in a million years but my theory is that in order for the way they make it almost taste more like a confection than a concoction, it's got to be cinnamon.

For a Subway tuna, if you order a toasted wheat roll with onions, pickles and both kinds of hots (banana and jalapeno) with extra sweet onion sauce? IN CREDIBLE. Ironically, I got this idea from the host of the Post Game of The Patriots right here on The Shark!

A much more low maintenance option is the Riverbend wrap. All you have to do is choose the size and then say 'Riverbend Style' and you're all set!

All these locations are within about a 2 mile loop here in Dover NH.



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