Four Seacoast NH cities and four of the finest examples of that indescribably sublime sweet and spicy chicken that you can get in each. Here we go!

The 4 Finest General Tso's of NH's Seacoast

Another couple of tidbits concerning Spring Garden which is located at 586 Calef Highway in Barrington.

For those of you that have heard me forever bemoaning the departure of Main Moon in Rochester a few years ago? Spring Garden's version of General Tso's is extremely similar to the MM style that I loved for decades.

I also appreciate the inventive Covid-19 prevention protocols that they employ there now, as they have constructed a cool set of cabinet doors that you can pick up your order through, completely contact free!

It's impossible to create a gallery like this without feeling like you left a restaurant out and that was definitely the case.

I feel terrible excluding Saigon and Tokyo, 892 Central Ave in Dover as their General Tso's is of the highest quality too. It's just that the nostalgia of discovering my favorite all time dish at Dover Asia overpowered any chance they had of making the cut.

There could only be one from each city. It was an unforgiving selection process.

For those of you that have never had General Tso's, I will leave you will a bit of advice for your own safety. If you see red peppers throughout your dish, DON'T EAT THEM. They're extremely spicy and meant to indirectly enhance the flavor. Unless your tongue is made of Teflon, I'd steer clear of eating any pepper in a dish of General Tso's.

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