If you're planning on a socially distant Christmas as I am, you're going to need some company. Why not hang out with 4 of the best Ebenezer's of all time!

The 4 Best Scrooges Of All Time

As far as the first three movies with actual people being filmed, the special effects for all three really stand out and stand up with the passage of time.

The Patrick Stewart version has Joel Grey as 'The Ghost of Christmas Past' and it is the only one that I can recall sticking to the original theme that his character was a candle shining the light on the images that once were. Scrooge angrily snuffs him out at the end of his scene and it still looks authentic over twenty years later.

If there was ever a scarier make up job than the zombie like John Forsythe as Bill Murray's old boss 'Lew', I don't want to see it!

In the 1970 version, Jacob Marley is portrayed by Sir Alec Guinness (Obi Wan Kenobe) and his physical interpretation of being a ghost bound by heavy chains has a terrific effect even though there is nothing technical about it.

Speaking of technical wizardry, the 1999 version is in the 'Movies On Us' section of my 'On Demand' and just with two clicks on the remote, I can be transported to London in 1850. FOR FREE! Even old Ebenezer would like that price.

That's what makes the Mister Magoo version all that more magical, with all the technological advances, it is still rare enough so that you can only catch it by accident. If I happen to see it, the whole world stops until Tiny Tim says 'God Bless Us Everyone'.

Good luck trying to find that one!

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