The travel website Thrillist has discovered the very best thing in each and every U.S. state. Here's what the authors think about New England:

Maine: We bet you can guess what it is for Vacationland. Lobster, of course! Stephen King came in second.

New Hampshire: Lake Winnipesaukee. "Mostly, it's just because it's sneaky beautiful and nonstop fun to say," according to Thrillist.

Massachusetts: The writers went with the obvious. Cape Cod's beautiful beaches and islands.

Vermont: Maple syrup. Thrillest says it's the best darn thing in the Green Mountain State.

Connecticut: Sports fans will be happy to know UConn women's basketball was chosen to be the best thing. Go Huskies!

Rhode Island: The Newport Cliff Walk, particularly the picturesque rocky New England coastline. "It's a stroll that gives you a wholly unique look at a different slice of America."

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