If you're missing out on The 'U Pick 'Em' segment when it airs live on The Shark,(Thursday Mornings at 7:40)  you're missing out on key analysis of upcoming weekly games. At the halfway point of the season now and we're 14-2!

San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
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Team Sarah Picks: Dallas

Jacob from SIS Bank is waiting for the final game of the Week 9 schedule, Monday Night Football. He believes that Dallas will be bolstered by their latest acquisition, Wide Receiver Amari Cooper, who they just traded a BIG draft pick for.

Sarah seems very hesitant to root against former New England Patriots stars Dion Lewis and Malcolm Butler who play on the opposing team (Tennessee).

Could this conflict result in the end of a perfect season? Team Sarah is currently undefeated at 8-0.

Team Train Picks: Washington

If you check out the U Pick Em leader board, you'll see that Hugh MacDougall of Eliot Small Engine is leading hundreds of contestants.

His selection of Washington over Atlanta was fully endorsed by yours truly as our team record of 6-2 may not be perfect like SOME PEOPLE, but is still pretty impressive nonetheless.

Hugh has been making the picks since Week 3 so, why mess with a winning formula?

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