I took this photo yesterday right before devouring about 5 pounds of this heavenly ham. Don't let my shoddy photography fool you, it was THE GREATEST EVER and I'll tell ya where it's from.

Train Images
Train Images

A round of applause for Hannaford !

Now that all of the vegetarians have ran away from this article screaming and crying, I'm reasonably sure that I now have an audience comprised entirely of carnivores.

Allow me to be brutally honest about how much of a 'ham snob' I am.

When I was a kid we would have about a half dozen pigs every year and they were fed like Kings. My Nana worked at The McClelland School cafeteria in Rochester and provided these porcine with the finest 'slop' that any pig could dream of.

I never thought that any ham could EVER outdo the home grown porkers of my youth but this Hannaford brand ham has done it!

I'm going to keep this picture for posterity sake and reference it for ideal fat content in the very near future!


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