We all look forward to the first signs of spring and summer, and one of my favorite signs is that the Beach Plum is open!

One of my favorite weekend hangout spots is right at North Hampton Beach across from the North Hampton Beach Plum location.

I need to have quick access to lobster roll if necessary.  Really, when is quick access to a lobster roll NOT necessary?  It might be a little chilly for ice cream, but they are open if you want some.

Their North Hampton spot is located at 16 Ocean Boulevard in North Hampton, NH.  The other locations are Epping at 23 Brickyard Square in Epping, NH, and their Portsmouth location is at 2800 Lafayette Road in Portsmouth.

I usually get to the beach very early in the morning because of my sleep schedule, I try and keep it on track even on the weekends.

This is a huge bonus in finding parking.  I sit back and enjoy the waves and relax until 11 am when the Beach Plum opens, then grab my lobster roll and head back home before the big crowds arrive.

The Beach Plum is officially open now, so summer will just around the corner.

I can’t wait because this year is going to look different from last year hopefully.  I got tan lines from my mask last year.  I imagine there will be lines for ice cream this year due to pent-up demand and the desire of most of us to get out and go back to dining at restaurants.

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