A true Red Sox fan would know exactly why there is a lone red chair amongst a sea of green at the Boston stadium. Here is the story for the rest of you.

Christopher Ayers

There is a very special seat at Fenway Park that is a tribute to a great moment in Boston's Red Sox history.

"The Red Seat" marks a shining moment in the career of Ted Williams when he hit the longest home run ever seen at Fenway: Seat 21 in Row 37 of Section 42.

In 1946, Teddy blasted a baseball 502 feet into the right field bleachers where Joseph. A Boucher was sitting. The ball bounced off his straw hat, but the 56-year-old construction engineer decided not to keep the historic item.

When Boucher was asked why he didn't hold onto the baseball he said "after it hit my head, I was no longer interested."

The spot where he was sitting has been painted red in 1984 to honor the amazing achievement. Lucky fans who find themselves in the special spot may not have the "best seat in the house," but the history behind it makes up for it.