Happy National Cheese Day everyone! A simple request for new grilled cheese recipes has brought about a deluge of deliciousness. Do you agree with these methods, dips and ingredients?


Use Multiple Cheese Varieties

I'd like to thank the many foodies, amateur chefs and former professional chefs for contributing to this magical list of 'cheesiosity'.

Thimas Sexton - VIA Facebook
Thomas Sexton - VIA Facebook

The glorious sandwich above is courtesy of Thomas Sexton who is quoted

'My idea of a grilled cheese.
Cheddar, gouda, grilled chicken and pesto on multigrain.

Thomas, I wholeheartedly agree with your idea.

Ron from Brentwood is a longtime Shark listener and a former professional chef whose opinion I was waiting for all morning, he did not disappoint.

4 cheese on homemade wheat.. With a tomato

It would take me a century to figure out how to make homemade wheat bread but WOW that quatro-cheese infused sandwich is something I'll have to try with bread off the rack.

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato ... SOUP!

Ron's accessorizing that sandwich with a fresh tomato opens up another category. Adding the perfect ingredients.

Pumpernickel bread, cheddar cheese, tomato, basil leaves, and mayo

The above suggestion is from Kelly O. As in OHHHHHHH man it's been forever since I had grilled pumpernickel bread. And the idea of basil leaves? Never heard of it before, but it sounds amazing. It's kind of like a deconstructed pizza.

My Secret Ingredient

This pains me to reveal because it's so good I want to keep the idea to myself, but the pizza theme has forced me to show my hand.


Load up your next grilled cheese with pepperoni slices and you can thank me later.

Thanks to everyone that shared today!

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