Thrillist's Food and Drink experts have made a delectable list of the must-eat foods in each state. Have you indulged in New Hampshire's yet?

According to, the one must-eat food in New Hampshire is: Fried Lobster Tail. Here's what the lifestyle blog had to say about their decision:

New Hampshire is a tough state to pick a signature food. It has all the elements of the other New England states, but it's just known for doing them the same way. And it’s not like we’re going to pick Burdick’s chocolate mice or Stonyfield yogurt. With that said, we’ve picked one of the best of the signature eats from an iconic NH beach spot to do the job. Markey’s has been around since 1971 on the Seacoast, and while it's got a lot of good traditional New England clam shack dishes, the fried lobster tail on the lobster plate stands out. Other places consider the lobster too precious a commodity to fry up, and that’s A BIG MISTAKE ON THEIR PART. These tails stay juicy on the inside and deliver a pretty damn good signature dish for The Granite State. No offense to those little chocolate rodents.

Hey! A shoutout to Markey's Lobster Pool in Seabrook! I personally have never had the fried lobster tail from Markey's but if it's like anything else at this summer destination than I'm all in.

In case you want to travel for some tasty treats, other New England must-eat foods include Vermont's 'sugar on snow' from Morse Farm, Maine's 'lobster roll' from the Clam Shack, and Massachusetts's 'fried clams' from Woodman's of Essex.

Let's be honest though. Maine, Mass, and New Hampshire could all interchange their must-haves.

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