The NFL, the entire sports world and, most importantly, our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron has figured out the reason Patriots' GM Bill Belichick is spending so much money.

Coach Bill Belichick
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See? He's way ahead of it once again.


Jeff Bezos has conspired with Bill Belichick with all the money coming from Amazon. I'm kidding of course.


But it's amazing, he is just on the all time greatest shopping spree we've ever seen.


-Tom Caron - Our Boston Sports Insider On Belichick's Free Agent Spending Spree

He's playing chess while everyone is playing checkers and WOW! is that chessboard ever pricey.

There is an element of fact in that Jeff Bezos reference as his entertainment provider, Amazon Prime, just signed a ONE HUNDRED AND TEN BILLION DOLLAR deal with the NFL, securing the rights to broadcast Thursday Night Football for the next three seasons.

I'm no expert on finances, but even I can understand that the 2022 salary cap will balloon up to a point where the luxurious moves that The Patriots have just made will fit comfortably under the cap for next year and beyond.

I love it!

For those of you that are wondering about The Shark Morning Show/NESN Power Lunch starring Jim Rice? Even though a hard date hasn't been selected yet, LeBron James is now in the mix.

King James has just become part owner of 'Fenway Sports Group' which means that he is TC's boss. Sarah and I think it's fair that he should be invited to our 'Power Lunch' as he is the best 'Power Forwards' in basketball.

We will keep you updated on the lunch negotiations and schedule.

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