I think Wild Card weekend is VASTLY underrated. TWELVE hours worth of Sudden Death action while our beloved New England Patriots scout their next possible opponent from the comfort of their own living rooms?

Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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Kansas City Chiefs -9

The first game of the weekend will not be much of an eye-opener. Alex Smith should handle the Tennessee Titans easily at Arrowhead Stadium and beat them by more than two scores. YAWN.

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
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Atlanta Falcons +6


By the time the Atlanta/LA Rams game finishes on Saturday night, you will be so sick of hearing about and seeing LA Rams head Coach Sean McVay that you will be rooting for the Falcons.

Unfortunately for you (and Atlanta), they will lose a close heart breaker, because that's what they do. (See 28-3)

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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Buffalo Bills +8 1/2


This scorching upset prediction isn't just because of the incredible way The Bills made it to the playoffs this year (for the first time since 1999).

It's because Gronk's dirty hit on Tre'Davious White back on December 3rd will NOT. GO. AWAY.

The media will continue to beat this story into the ground FAR WORSE than our beloved Gronk did on that fateful day. And it will be insufferable.

Also Jacksonville QB Blake Bortles can't win a playoff game, RIGHT?

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons
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Carolina Panthers +6 1/2

Cover But LOSE!

I've really got the Underdogs making this weekend exciting don't I?

Well. Not in this game.

Even though I feel that The Panthers will cover, The New Orleans Saints defense will give up a last second TD that will make this contest look a LOT closer than it really was.

Have fun watching the action everyone!

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