Mothers everywhere were celebrated yesterday for doing all those things that Moms do. Many times, even the things that you never noticed or cared about, suddenly become necessary when your Mom isn’t around. For instance, when I got my own place, all of a sudden I realized that the toilet does indeed get dirty and it wasn’t really magic, it was Mom. That goes for everything house related. I remember my septic tank almost exploded because who knew that it had to be pumped out? Mom did.  Some Mom's however, had to work to care for others or other Mom's couldn't see their family because they were in the hospital or assisted living.

Yesterday, in an effort to bring smiles to those people who may be feeling out of sorts because of what's been going on with this pandemic, The Shark and our sister station, WOKQ gathered at the radio station at 292 Middle Road in Dover for the Caravan of Caring.  It was our plan to line up the vans with anyone who wanted to join us and go to area assisted living homes and hospitals.

Really proud of everyone coming out and making this day just a little more special for all the Moms who had to work or Moms that were confined inside.  Special shout out to Langdon Place of Dover.  We will be back!

Thank you to Shawn the Shark for putting this video together!

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