After most likely wintering in Florida, Texas or even the Yucatan it appears that The Shark's Unofficial Pet Robin is back! Is it REALLY the same bird as last year?

Train Images
Train Images

The answer is most likely, YES! This is a phenomenon called 'nest fidelity' which is common among robins, phoebes, swallows and many sea birds.

Ornithologists proved this was happening way back in the 19th century through the use of 'leg banding'.

I have to hand it to Mama Robin as she has found a primo piece of real estate. Completely rain proof, almost entirely wind proof and any predator would have to undergo a 'Mission Impossible' to get at her nest.

According to some co-workers, she will 'dive bomb' anyone that gets within a few feet but I've never witnessed any acts of aggression from the countless robin's nests that I've been around in my 46 year career as 'Forest Ranger Train'.

The eggs will hatch shortly, and once they do, the babies will be completely self sufficient in just two weeks time.

Robins are incredible!

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