I cannot wait for the second week of Pro Football to begin and that is the understatement of the year! Which team has 'Team A-Train' selected to bounce back? Which team has 'Team Sarah' selected to continue their winning streak? Find out right here!

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Team A-Train Picks: San Francisco

This selection isn't as much about Jimmy G as it is the complete dumpster fire that Detroit appeared to be as they were trounced by New York on a nationally televised game last week.

I expect San Fran will beat Detroit in a similar fashion this Sunday afternoon and my teammate Hugh from Eliot Small Engine agrees. (We need this one Hugh!)

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Team Sarah Picks: Los Angeles

Did you notice the mascot theme I have going for this week?

This is because Jake from SIS Bank mentioned that selecting mascots is a proven successful method in winning sports pools. Hey, his team won last week and mine did not so I'm hoping this brings me good luck!

Sportsbooks in Vegas have Los Angeles as a 12 point favorite in their match up against Arizona on Sunday. If I were on 'Team Sarah', I'd 'Vote Against Arizona' as well!